• Easy to Mold: Love to craft clay jewelry? This ultralight polymer clay works perfectly for creating beautiful pieces. As an excellent filler for polymer clay beads, Sculpey UltraLight® helps to keep jewelry – especially larger pieces – light and comfortable, as well as easy to mold.
  • Lightweight: Do you love making multimedia projects, paper crafts and clay creations? As the ultimate lightweight polymer clay, Sculpey UltraLight® stays flexible in thin sheets, making it great for paper crafting.
  • Versatile: When baked, hard clay can be sanded, drilled, buffed and painted with acrylic paints, allowing you extra room for creativity and versatility.
  • Armature: Sculpey UltraLight® makes the perfect armature for sculptures! It is smoother and easier to work with than aluminum foil!

Sculpey Ultra Light




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