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Customer Care

Whether you are shopping, attending a class, or simply sitting and enjoying a coffee at the Cre@tive Coffee Barn, we at Mixed Gypsy Arts & Crafts aim to ensure a safe, pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Any form of bad behaviour towards other shoppers and/or class attendants will not be tolerated.


All staff at Mixed Gypsy Arts & Crafts are complying with the Covid-19 safety standards as set by both State and Federal Governments. Hand sanitiser is always in supply both in the store, the classroom area and in the Cre@tive Coffee Barn. A wash area is located at the back of the store. Seating in the classroom and coffee shop will be arranged in accordance with the government requirements. Floor markings will also be visible to ensure we all continue to keep 1.5m apart around the counter areas. Tea/coffee made to order in the Cre@tive Coffee Barn will all be served in takeaway cups until further notice.

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